Restoring Our Creativity

In a recent email a reader asked if there is a “fast-track” to restoring human creativity. Initially frustrating, the question poses an interesting dilemma. Given that the world is simultaneously facing health, social, and economic crises, it seems we need creative individuals more than ever. That realization pushed me to think more seriously about the […]

Insights into Dynamic-Mindfulness Practice

“Dynamic Mindfulness” isn’t a phrase we hear very often, yet it represents the more prevalent mindful practices in our culture. Many think of mindfulness as just meditation. Though practices like Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga, are also ways of practicing mindfulness. In fact, more people practice these forms of dynamic mindfulness than traditional forms of […]

The Meaning of Affluence

Among the less famous quotes of Marshall McLuhan was his declaration “affluence creates poverty.” Under our current usage of the word, many would have no choice but to agree with him. Most western cultures consider an individual affluent if they have accumulated substantial wealth relative to the majority of citizens in their society.  In the […]

“You Gotta Find Your Center” –Sweetie!

I love cafes & coffeeshops! And though, I’ll admit to being an espresso–junkie, I love them because they are a constant source of inspiration. Humanity lives and breathes in these community spaces. On the occasion this writing, I was at a cafe in North Boulder, CO. Between the pitch of the grinder, and the hiss […]